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contribute to Solana Innovations

solmash - an innovative platform built for everyone

HOW IT works


Fairness is one of our key principles when comes to everything related to Solmash

Equal participation for our users and communities, and equal supports for innovative projects

Robust and reliable algorithms is at the core of future Solmash’s fairness developments to prevent bots activities

sol native innovations

Solmash is dedicated to crafting open-source tools by leveraging the Solana network. This enriches the experience for developers and users within the community

A community hub for Solana enthusiasts with incredible passion and influence, actively providing support and development to projects they support

early access

Participate in complete decentralized processes on Solmash

Empower open-source projects by selecting, voting and contributing

Get the benefits of joining a revolutionary early-stage project, its functions and tasks


Garner initial momentum to speed up influence and development of projects

Tap into our development community for questions and technical proficiency

Accelerate development using our all-encompassing toolkit designed specifically for builders


Solmash is a vibrant, community-focused open platform committed to Solana, with the goal of becoming a leading hub in this field. It provides a welcoming space for users to develop, contribute to, and shape Solana projects through Solmash. The platform is structured to feature an essential launch protocol, aimed at boosting involvement from open-source developers and various communities within the Solana ecosystem. This effort is designed to enable them to engage actively and benefit from the ongoing development and expansion of Solana.

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We envision a world shaped by constructive, community-driven transformations in the digital sphere, working alongside some of the most impactful entities in web3 to guide the future of a prominent blockchain protocol and the broader solana ecosystem.


Fueling the Growth of the Ecosystem: Building on Solana to Draw More Users to Our Innovative Network